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Dance the moment

It’s not a war, it’s a Catharsis. We are required to purify our Mind, i.e. the Body, the Brain and the Environment – together. Health, economic, financial, political, relathionship systems… all enlisted in this catharsis. In very difficult moments, a temporary antidepressant comes from seeing improvement opportunities. But it’s not enough. For a stable and embodied resilence, for remaining in motion, we need what’s missing in many changes: the ability to destroy harmful mindsets to give energy and space to new dynamics, preventing previous mistakes reoccurence. We are at stake and we need to urgently learn Shiva’s Dance (a simple poetic metaphor, here) for both destroying and creating – together; so not to waste this pain opportunity. If we don’t learn to “dance” this Shiva’s Dance, Nature will anyway – with us, indifferent to us or even without us. A connected dance, in which our true I is not only in ourselves, rather in our connections with humans, animals, plants, minerals, particles and their vibrations, dreams… Renaissance stemmed from 1348 Black Death. Let’s rebel to what was to be destroyed, without leaving a virus to decide what and how, and let’s bravely invest our creativity into a Renaissance 2.0 – destructor and creator! Here, a proposal with a “poetry-ballad”.

BioPhysical Spirituality

Dance the moment


Dance the moment

as a natural Shiva

destroyer and creator:

embodied resilience.


No way not to dance

circular movements,

destruction creations:

new ideas from anger

new heroes from crisis

changes from pain

fresh dreams from dying

catharsis from a war

a motion from a Stop!

With cosmic energy

a patient reposition

without my opposition,

for the ultimate game

to become the game.


The best moment,

surprising understandings:

resonant connections

to a cognitive system.

We are part of it,

we the whole and me the part

will dance with each other

in a temple without gods.

Light jump in the mind

well beyond my mind:

connection of my body

with my brain and environment.

In this moment I am

and I am with this mind.

Embodied resilience,

new routes stimulated

by a thought of mine not mine.

Here’s the healthy choice:

well connected We in We-llness

disconnected I in I-llness.

True spiritual principle!

When the soul that I consume

lushly flourishes again

from what I own

to what’s enough for me,

to be enough for me.

Ceaseless self-esteem!

Of wisdom, of courage

I'm no longer inadequate

and I entrust my problems

to my own feelings

sensing  “No way not to…”.

Sustainable Happiness!

Homes classrooms offices

into digital human fields:

inner-net from internet!

From goods I eager

to new good dreams

through better connections.

Digital Spirituality!

An embodied motion,

a different trasformation

in the flow of dance.

Becoming a flow-er

of our living Earth

and not just an actor.

The flow to serve

whom is well connected

to who is disconnected.

Spending my serving

with the gift of a present,

with empathetic presence

to ignored relatives.

A consistent motion of

my paths and actions

with daily surprises

from danced medit-actions.

Great peace from my paces!

We dance in spite of you

to break down barriers

and create Gaia science

towards the invisible sense

of other's senselessness.

Like Shiva’s foot

step on ignorance

of one-knowledge prisoner,

and from here happy jumps

cognitive and spiritual.

Book-winged body,

I soar higher and higher

over home walls.

The best moment:

the kairòs to knot

connections and for-gives

for a new balance of

global comprehension.

Gaia of happiness

animal vegetable

also human more human.


Dance the moment

of renewed life

by Shiva Nataraja,

destructor indefferent

amazing creator

of undreamed worlds in us.


Nicola Antonucci 

Italian Version

en ita

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