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Sometimes it’s not easy to set the right wedding tablescape. Table setting is an art providing tablescapes ideas to create the dreamed atmosphere for wedding and events


Sometimes it’s not easy to set the right wedding tablescape. Table setting is an art providing tablescapes ideas to create the dreamed atmosphere for wedding and events.


A flawless table setting helps to create the atmosphere desired when organizing events, and especially weddings. Finding the righ tablescaples ideas to create a romantic venue makes a bride’s dream come true.

When it comes to wedding and events design, we all know much attention is about finding the perfect location, the fairytale dress, the sparkling engagement ring, the multi tiered cake, the ideal honeymoon destination... But the point is: any party is a precious opportunity to invite your dear ones, having a great time with your friends is the very heart of it all. And when you celebrate with your guests nothing is beautiful like gathering around a cozy and lovely table. Themed tablescapes are more important than people might think: trust me, an elegant table setting will really make the difference!

The art of receiving has ancient roots: it dates back to the XVI century to an Italian master, Monsignor Giovanni della Casa, who first wrote the famous Il Galateo, overo de' costumi, a guide on etiquette which includes an entire section focused on mise en place, with rules and suggestions on table setting (and there is also a special section dedicated to wedding tablescapes).

As time went by, some of the rules he listed changed, some are nowadays taken for granted (yes, we all know that spitting in the wine glass is not allowed!), but plenty of his tablescapes ideas are still perfectly in fashion and useful to set a flawless tablescape.
Anyway, once you know the rules you can break them according to your taste and style, nevertheless elegance is always a priority, especially when you need to set wedding tablescapes.

It does not really matter if you're planning the wedding of your dreams or a formal business dinner, there are some basic hints you'd better keep in mind. Let's see here some essential clues on table setting to set an elegant tablescape for your events.




Tablescapes ideas should be simple. An elegant table design creates the atmosphere dreamed.

Table setting should be elegant and simple


Hint #1: Never ever forget that less is more, keep your tablescapes ideas neat and simple, you will always have time to add extra elements if necessary. Audrey Hepburn, with her unforgettable iconic style, said "Elegance is the only beauty that never fades"... and it's all in the details: be focused on them and you will create a perfect mise en table.




Wedding Tablescapes are more elegant and personalized thanks to Napkin Foldin.

Napkin foldin for themed wedding tablescapes


Hint #2: Napkin foldin is an amazing world itself, with all those gorgeous free-standing napkins that give to the tablescape a special touch, however I always recommend basic schemes also for hygenic reasons: the less you fold it, the more hygenic it is.





Tablescapes ideas: name cards are a good idea not only for weeding but for events in general.

Tablescape ideas: elegant name cards


Hint #3: As mentioned before, it's all in the details, think about what can improve your table setting and create simple but flawless tablescapes ideas: for example do not forget escort name cards, they give a special allure not only to wedding tablescapes but to any party and event..You can also mix and match table name cards with guest favours, there are plenty of combinations that make a table design look really stunning.




Chosing a theme for your table design can help you to create the right atmosphere.

A summer theme for your table setting


Hint #4: A custom made design and personalization are the keywords for the best tablescapes ideas! Choose a style, a dear memory, a place, a film and make it the fil rouge of  your themed party table setting. Don't get me wrong: it does not mean that you must be obsessed, if you choose lilac as the main hue of your tablescape, you don't have to find the most refined lilac dishware. Having a personalised project is also an excellent way to create a budget friendly mise en table.




Just a few clues to begin with, click here to find more about: tablescapes ideas, (including wedding tablescapes) and table setting for your events. 



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